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Ric Videos


Mansfield Concert

Highlights of the music and featured artists from the June 2019 concert at Mansfield's Farr Best Theater featuring Ric and Friends with the Mansfield Philharmonic. A capacity crowd was treated to eight original pieces by Ric Flauding and two by guitarist Russ Hewitt, as arranged by Flauding. CLICK HERE for information on how to order copies of the full 60-minute program on high-definition DVD or Blu-ray.

Nashville Session

This video features Ric's recording session at Sunset Blvd Studios in Nashville with five of the country's top session and recording artists, producing the background and rhythm track for his jazz arrangement of the song, "Amazing Grace."

Video Reel

Scored with compositions from Ric Flauding's extensive orchestral repertoire, this 3-minute Video Reel indicates some of the mood and style options of Ric's work for film, video, and motion picture scoring. Check out more examples of Ric's musical cues on the Recordings/Musical Cues page on this website.

About By Myself

In response to questions from students and fans who've asked about one of Ric Flauding's best loved songs, Ric shares how the idea for "By Myself" came to him, and he includes a brief sample of the song from his "Jazz Passages" album.

Video Clips

This 7-minute video features short clips from past recording sessions and performances over several years. In the film Ric gives a brief overview of his career and the spiritual motivation for his life as a performer. In one segment, Ric is seen working at guitarist Dave Mustaine's studio in Arizona.