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A Musical Journey at the Farr Best Theater


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Ric Flauding is an award-winning composer, orchestrator and arranger. His music has been recorded by the London Symphony, Fort Worth Symphony and hundreds of recording ensembles in LA, Nashville, and elsewhere. Ric has said he composes in many styles, from orchestral to jazz, because: "First, I am fascinated by how music works, and second, music to me is a form of prayer, seeking God, and I believe He reciprocates. I consider this to be my true calling."


As a composer, arranger, and orchestrator, he says, "My mission is to always tp do my best work. Quality is subjective, colored by our individual biases, but I never sign off on a piece of music before I'm sure it's the best I can do. I'm all about craftsmanship. Inspiration is what comes after I set about to work." Ric has a diverse and wide-ranging catalog, both stylistically and ensemble-wise. Be sure to check out his recordings and scores, and you can learn more about the artist on this website.